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The only domain extension for the German online enterprises!

The domain extension .kaufen is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) managed by United TLD Holdco Ltd. The term "kaufen" is a generic and broadly used German word that holds particular affinity for people and organizations engaged in online commerce. In German "kaufen" means: to buy. Global in scope, today a passionate group of millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of organizations identify with this word.
The mission and purpose of the .kaufen TLD is to establish an easily recognized and accessible namespace for the German-speaking portion of this large and dynamic group.

The domain name was specially defined for German-speaking companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and may be between 2 and a maximum of 63 characters long and linked to a sellable trade term.

The domain name is transferred single and independently, WITHOUT further services, copyrights or other claims connected to the current linked portal.

The word "Rausch" (from Low German rusch, documented 1563) comes from Middle High German (riuschen) and originally meant "impetuous movement", "impetuous when attacking", "to rush", "run up". The reference to drunkenness in general, not just substance-related, arose in the 16th century. As reuschlin 1551 for “(light) drunkenness”.
The surname was largely given in the 13th to 16th centuries, so it is assumed with sufficient reliability that the first Rausch family lines were formed in the Middle High German area at this time.
The oldest documented origin of this family name comes from East Prussia. A reference to the connection of this tribe with water and a coastal landscape hollowed out by waves to Lithuanian rausti (to dig), rausis (excavated cave), rausykle (the burrowing site); to Latvian rusa (pit); zu nehrungs-kurisch rus (potato rent); to Prussian ružen, ruszen (Fischerhamen - bag-like fishing net), ruset (flowing).
Later settlement names with the names Rausch such as the districts of Herrsching am Ammersee, district of Starnberg and Surberg, district of Traunstein (both in Bavaria). As well as the district of Völkermarkt, Carinthia in Austria, Rusch (district of Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia), district of Lewitzrand, district of Ludwigslust-Parchim (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).
The strong presence of the family name Rausch, especially in America and many other parts of the world, confirms the strong commercial disposition of these families in some historical research on this family tree. The city of origin of this surname is most likely Lübeck, the first German Baltic city that started the development of the Hanseatic League in 1143.
Today this family name is associated with many large companies and brilliant merchants in Europe and worldwide.

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Title A copy of the Austrian "Kleine Zeitung" newspaper, featuring an article at the World Bodypainting Festival 2019, with the headline "Im Rausch der Farben" ("in the frenzy of the colours"), photographed along a glass of beer and a glass of whisky in a hotel bar in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria.
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